employment em‧ploy‧ment [ɪmˈplɔɪmənt] noun [uncountable]
1. HUMAN RESOURCES work that you do to earn money:

• students seeking employment after college

• Part-time employment was often the only paid employment women could find.

conˌtinuous emˈployment
a period of time when you work for a single employer, and do not have a break to work for another employer, go to college etc:

• Taking maternity leave does not break your period of continuous employment.

2. the number of people in an area or a country who have jobs, the types of jobs they have etc:

• Nationwide, employment now stands at 3.5%.

ˌfull emˈployment
when almost everyone in an area or country who wants a job has one:

• Since we are very close to full employment, the economy needs to grow a little less slowly to fight inflation.

— see also contract of employment, terms of employment

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employment UK US /ɪmˈplɔɪmənt/ noun [U]
work that you are paid to do for a particular company or organization: find/look for/seek employment »

If you are unemployed but you are actively seeking employment, you may qualify for benefits.

take up/gain/secure employment »

Almost half of the participants gained employment after completing the training program.

provide/create/generate employment »

These attractions provide employment for local people and create business for local shops and cafes.


Today the terminal offers employment to around 500 people.


casual/full-time/part-time employment


seasonal/temporary employment


permanent/continuous employment

employment opportunities/prospects »

Many rural workers have moved to the cities to seek better employment opportunities and improved living conditions.

employment agreement/contract »

Under the terms of her employment contract she is entitled to five weeks paid vacation per year.

the number of people who have jobs, or the ability to provide jobs to other people: high/low/full employment »

An unemployment rate below 5% is considered full employment.

employment rises/falls »

Glasgow had economic growth above the UK average and employment rising faster than anywhere outside London.

employment rates/levels/growth »

The state reported employment growth of 3.1% during the past year, with the creation of 438,000 non-farm jobs.

employment data/figures/records »

The dollar plunged against the euro, despite Friday's strong employment figures.

boost/increase employment »

Politicians hope to boost employment by introducing a new tax credit for employers.

See Note WORKFORCE(Cf. ↑workforce)
in employment — Cf. in employment
Compare UNEMPLOYMENT(Cf. ↑unemployment)
See also PRECARIOUS EMPLOYMENT(Cf. ↑precarious employment)

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